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Global Impact

This page is dedicated to the fierce and fearless supporters and participants of Red My Lips. Currently, there are Warriors in over 100 countries!





Velodie Photography

Velodie Photography

Jodie is a photographer, makeup artist, and passionate Red My Lips supporter. In 2015, she began an annual photo challenge, where she created unique daily looks each April to share her insights about sexual violence and victim-blaming. (see more)

Elena Bee Photography

"Each portrait is an individual and their perspective on sexual violence and how it should be tackled. This can be things like education for younger generations, changing things either politically or socially, or even just - on a personal level - raising awareness themselves." (photo series)

Elena McGannon Interview

"I found that shooting people of different genders, different racial backgrounds, and different ages really provides a huge spectrum of perspectives and it really gives an overarching idea of support for victims, but as well as holding perpetrators accountable."

Curtain University - Newsspeak (Perth)

"Not only do we need to say stop sexual violence - everybody knows that - we need to stop the victim-blaming. We need to change the way the conversation is going on this and I want to start that here." (read more)

australia men

Loz in Radelaide

"We need a change in the way society thinks."


Temple Group

Since 2015, Temple Group has supported Red My Lips, creating a Facebook page and Instagram account to spread the word and help promote the cause.


Moldova Main


Left: There are people out there who will believe you and support you.

Right: If you have experienced sexual assault it is important to know that, no matter the circumstances, it was NOT your fault. (see more)

Fondul pentru Tineri ORHEI

New Zealand

Rutherford College

"If we were to continue to ignore this issue and stand in the shadows, we would be as bad as the people who carry out the acts of abuse." Photos by Shannen Kroon. (read more)

Te Karere News

"We have a long history of victim-blaming. But victims are not at fault."

South Africa


Wits University

During Red My Lips event, Wits University students wrote messages of encouragement and support for sexual violence victims. (read more)

Darian's Story

"I want to be the voice for every woman, child, and man that has been a victim and can't speak for themselves. They should know that it was not their fault, despite any circumstances." (read more)

darian newspaper

Dr. Tlaleng Mokokeng Interview

"I've been running with it (the campaign) in South Africa since 2015 with amazing results. And every year, it gets bigger. The conversations get deeper. And it just sustains itself."

Enough is Enough

"Rape and sexual abuse affect men, women, and children from all walks of life." -Tamar Kendon



Purpose-driven photography initiative, LOVEauthenic, created a powerful Red My Lips photo series to help raise awareness about sexual violence and demonstrate support for survivors. Photos by Baveesha Photography. (see photo series)

Yolandi Jacobsz

"South African celebrities such as Anel Alexander, Nadia Beukes, Zetske van Pletzen and Rozanne Bishop were photographed by Yolandi Jacobsz for this cause. It goes to show that all people - even men - can help raise awareness…" (read more)


United States

Deaf SHARE (Survivor Healing through Advocacy, Resources, and Empowerment) - Austin, Texas

"Since we use our hands in American Sign Language, we will paint our fingernails red and sign out against sexual violence and victim-blaming!"

Attorney's office takes unique stand against sexual violence - Mexico, Missouri

"There shouldn't be any blaming of the victim in a situation where the perpetrator's choices, or the defendant's choices, are the ones that have resulted in harm to someone else."

Loud Love Photography

"I have been fortunate to be able to join them [Red My Lips] by doing what I love - making meaningful social justice art. It's emotional and exhausting, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

San Diego, CA (see more)

Andrew Losh, Strange Productions

Gay Central Valley, Spring Fling,
Fresno, CA (see more)

andrew Losh jpeg

Supported organizations

In addition to mobilizing global supporters to speak out and create real change in their lives and communities, Red My Lips is dedicated to supporting organizations who are committed to culture change and survivors support. To date, we have donated $10,000 to organizations aligned with our mission, including those below.

Men Can Stop Rape empowers young men to combat gender violence through primary prevention programs that promote healthy masculinity and community leadership.

Skye's the Limit! Foundation works to prevent trauma-related loss through trauma-informed care, education, and enrichment activities.

Sunlight Retreats is a San Diego-based, survivor founded nonprofit that provides survivors of rape with a safe place to connect and heal.

The Full Stop Foundation raises funds to support the work of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia in order to build a sustainable future for their trauma counseling services, advocacy, and prevention programs.