Sexual violence is never the victim's fault. Ever.

What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual Violence is a term that describes a wide range of behaviors including:

  • invasion of space & leering
  • sexual harassment in person or online
  • taking and/or distributing sexual photos/videos without consent
  • unwanted sexual touching, kissing, groping
  • vaginal, anal, or oral penetration without consent
  • sexual contact with someone who is incapacitated or unable to give consent
  • child sexual abuse
  • human trafficking

"Sexual violence can be thought of as a pyramid, where rape and sexual assault are built on a base of attitudes and beliefs, not only about sex and gender, but about all the -isms related to understandings about who has power, control, and value in our society. Most simply, this graphic illustrates the fact that you don't sexually degrade, demean,and/or dehumanize someone you fundamentally believe to be your equal. The message is clear: In order to topple the pyramid of sexual violence, we must chip away at the base." (via PCAR)

Sexual Violence Pyramid

Survivor Support

If you have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse, or rape (recently or many years ago), it is important that you know - no matter the circumstances - it was NOT your fault. And there are people out there who will believe and support you.

If you or a loved one has experienced sexual violence and need support, check out our list of resources below.

United States

*If you are in immediate danger, call 911 NOW.



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For an extensive list of resources in Australia, click here.

If you are having a rough day and need some encouragement, check out this powerful video featuring the spoken word poem "Instructions For a Bad Day" by Shane Koyczan.