Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, feel free to contact us!

Why red lipstick?

One of the most common misconceptions about sexual violence is the belief that it is provoked by sexual attraction or desire. This rape myth often leads people to blame victims based on how they looked, what they were wearing, how much makeup they had on, if they flirted with their attacker, etc. Since it is historically connected with sexuality and attraction, red lipstick seems a fitting weapon with which to combat these damaging myths.

Additionally, sexual violence is frequently an invisible issue, as the stigma and shame associated with these acts leave many victims suffering in silence. Red lipstick is highly ACCESSIBLE, VISIBLE, and (as it is worn on the lips) encourages wearers to be SEEN…and HEARD. As a result, it gives us an easy way to begin important conversations with people in our lives, while demonstrating solidarity and support for all those affected.


What about men(/male survivors)?

People of all ages and genders can experience sexual violence, not just women. The red lipstick in this campaign is not a symbol of women as victims. Instead, we use red lipstick as a weapon and a tool to create visibility and combat the damaging myths and victim-blaming attitudes that lead many survivors (from all walks of life) to suffer in silence. This is not a “women’s issue,” it is a human issue. To learn more about how and why it’s so important for men to get involved, click here.

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How will people know that I’m wearing red lipstick for Red My Lips?

Unless you wear red lipstick on a daily basis, sporting such a bold color for an entire month will very likely cause people to take notice. However, it’s true that people will not automatically know why you’re wearing it. So, we encourage participants to TALK,TALK, TALK!!! Let your friends and family know what you are doing and why this cause is important to you. Maybe even get a group together for encouragement and support during the month. If a cashier or coworker remarks, “I love your lipstick!” you can say, “Thanks. I’m wearing it for a cause!” Then you have a great opportunity to talk about the campaign and why you’re participating.

If this feels too vulnerable, you can also post RML photos and updates throughout the month on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…blog about your experience…or even create a video! See ‘Warriors’ page for examples.

Is this campaign just for people who have experienced sexual violence?

No. Wearing red lipstick in April is a way to demonstrate solidarity and support for those who have been victimized, silenced, and shamed. It is to show survivors that they are cared for and are not alone. It is also a way for participants to challenge rape myths and disrupt the silence that allows sexual predators to perpetrate these crimes without consequence. It is a way for us to stand together and make it clear that victims are NEVER responsible for sexual violence. Ever.

How can I spread the word about the campaign?

There are countless ways to spread the word! Click here to learn more.

I will NOT wear lipstick. Can I participate in a different way?

Absolutely! While we have found that supporters who rarely or never wear lipstick tend to have some of the most powerful experiences participating, we understand that doing so is not comfortable for everyone. One of our best alternative options are Red My Lips temporary tattoos, which are great as an alternative or addition to lipstick!

Check out our online store to purchase yours today!

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Supporters are also encouraged to get creative. In previous years, Warriors have come up with some fantastic ways to incorporate red lips or lip prints to create visibility, demonstrate solidarity, and get people talking about the cause. Check out our Warrior page for some ideas!

Can I plan a Red My Lips event?

Yes! If you plan to host a Red My Lips event or fundraiser, click here to get started.

Can someone come to speak at my event, school, etc.?

We would love to! However, as a young organization, our ability to travel for speaking engagements is limited. If you are from the United States and are looking for a speaker in CT, MA, NY, DC, or San Diego, CA, please contact us for availability. If you are from Vancouver B.C. Canada, Durban South Africa, NSW or Perth Australia, we may have speakers available soon. Keep posted!

Do you have a flyer I can use to promote the cause?

Yes! We have a number of flyers and brochures that supporters may print and distribute. Click here and scroll down to check them out. If you would like to design your own flyer to spread the word, you may. If you do, please make sure to include our website: www.redmylips.org. If you are using your flyer to promote an event or fundraiser, you must first register here.

Can I create and sell merchandise with the Red My Lips logo?

All individuals, organizations, and companies are prohibited from creating and selling merchandise using Red My Lips’ trademarked logo. However, we have official merchandise available for purchase in our online store. If there are products you would like to see, please contact us and let us know!

Can I use the Red My Lips logo to spread the word?

Supporters are encouraged to share the logo on social media or print flyers to help spread the word. If you do, make sure to include our website: www.redmylips.org or the link to our Facebook page. If you want to draw the logo on your body, on a shirt for yourself, or as an art project to create visibility, please do. And we would love to see how they turn out! However, no individuals, companies, or organizations may produce or sell merchandise with the logo. This includes but is not limited to: buttons, pins, shirts, hats, bags, bumper stickers, cosmetics, etc. If you would like to create a community page or Facebook group, please contact us for guidelines.

Is Red My Lips partnering with any cosmetics companies?

We are honored to be partnering with MAHALO Skin Care, a line of organic and high-performance skin products, made by hand on Kauai, Hawaii. MAHALO founder Maryna created an incredible lip tint inspired by the cause. And MAHALO generously donates 20% of sale proceeds from their Red My Lips tint to our organization. Click here to order yours today! If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us.


Can I make a donation to Red My Lips?

Yes! Red My Lips would not exist without your generosity and support! Donations can be made anytime during the year. Donate today!

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Red My Lips is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tex-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

Where does the money go?

Red My Lips is a young nonprofit dedicated to making a global impact. Financial contributions allow us to sustain and grow our organization. Currently funds support operations and development. This includes technology, program delivery, campaign management, etc. Additionally, each year a portion of funds will be donated to support initiatives and organizations that align with our mission.

Can I use the campaign to raise money for a different organization?

Warriors can now raise money to support a local organization fighting to end sexual violence by registering to host a Red My Lips event or fundraiser. Register today!

Can I start my own Red My Lips chapter?

All RML activity is overseen by the CEO and Board of Directors. At this time, individual chapters of RML are not recognized. If you are interested in planning an event in your community, please register here.

How can I show support throughout the year?

While our primary campaign runs throughout the month of April, supporters can get involved and show support all year long! Click here to learn more!